We are often asked what distinguishes our stethoscopes from others?

…highest craftsmanship and ability beyond the mass market…

are probably the main differences. With an eye on the needs and desires of our discerning and professional clientele, ERKA strives since 1889 to develop the most accurate ad appropriate technology enhancing features and overall exceptional quality.

Our goal is not just to meet the average standards but to exceed them in every possible way. Meaning we present our customers longevity and prioritize extraordinary „Made in Germany“ medical instruments combined with high end design.

be different, BECAUSE…

… you do not settle for second guess. That’s why our patented, floating ERKA dual diaphragm delivers an unrivaled, clear sound that transmits even the finest sounds without loss. It consists of a highly sensitive, extra-thin, wave-shaped copper beryllium and an outer protective membrane in the form of an additional sound chamber, which prevents the superimposition of body noise caused by movement or friction noise during auscultation.


… you value a comprehensive and very clear auscultation. That’s why our stethoscopes have the unique ERKA convex membrane, which maximizes the volume of the sonic chamber, imaging the entire frequency range of high and low body sounds.

… you care about thoroughness. Our ERKA chest pieces are made from hand-polished, non-porous, chrome-plated copper, which firstly ensures outstandingly thorough disinfection. And secondly, due to its high specific weight, copper has the best physical conditions for a resonator.

… every person is different. And in order to be able to respond perfectly to the specific constitution of your patients, our ERKA chestpieces come in a variety of ergonomically optimally shaped and various sizes. The perfectly coordinated interaction between the sound chamber and the membrane enables loss-free and clear auscultation, even in areas of the body that are difficult to access. Because we at Erka not only value differences but take them seriously.

… you care about little patients. The auscultation of children and infants places special demands on a stethoscope in order to obtain a medically usable auscultation. With our stethoscopes specially designed for pediatrics – which are geared in design and ergonomics to younger or very delicate patients – you will meet every “small” requirement perfectly.


… you have special requirements? Our ERKA dual Tube protects your auscultation in two ways: on the one hand, with hoses that are extremely insensitive to external noise and friction. On the other hand, these are designed to be particularly smooth-walled, optimally forwarding sound waves from the chest piece so that only the pure sound reaches your ear.

… your comfort is important. Our uniquely shaped and ergonomically designed ERKA headband, in combination with the sensitive spring and the individually adapting ear tips, ensures a pleasant fit even with repeated auscultations and guarantees maximum wearing comfort.

… hygiene makes the difference for you. Our ERKA ear tips are made of silicone as well as our membranes and cold protection rings. This ensures that you and your patients always receive the highest level of hygienic safety. Because our silicone is dermatologically harmless, biocompatible and has excellent cleaning properties.