All about Molly – the nurse whose book propelled care taking into the public eye


When it comes to literature and reading one could easily admit: „Thanks, but no – when would I ever find time to read? I hardly have time to take care of my busy work schedule frequently finding time for my social life and by chance going to the gym. By all meanings, reading if not for sms, email or social media stuff? Excuse me – can do fab without!“

Well, no one’s to blame on this one, but here’s a rather simple answer to why you should give girl a go.

She’s a nurse, she’s an upcoming literature star, she’s knows how to work a good night shift and she is truly inspiring and to dig even deeper into applause: she knows what she’s talking about – period. Molly Case, is a cardiac nurse, currently working at King’s College Hospital, London.

She’s been honored to meet Queen Elisabeth of England and has won numerous poetry slam competitions whilst being part of the Contemporary British Poetry celebrations. She debuted with „Underneath the Roses where I Remembered Everything“ in 2015 and her new novel „How to Treat People“ published this month by Penguin Random House was an instant hit, being covered by multiple papers all over the world.

So, what’s „How to Treat People“ all about?  Basically about us humans undergoing some of our most fearful moments in life, when facing extreme s ituations in nursing homes, hospitals or care facilities. Facing death, facing trauma, facing crisis, facing the moment we are forced to lay our lives, our despair, our vulnerability into the hands of a stranger, a caretaker, a nurse – a somehow, somewhat saint if you happen to luckily meet someone like Molly….and possibly a million others out there in care landscape, a universe of  diverse, beautiful yet full of fear and anger, emotional being. Molly Case has literally nailed the moment of a nurses empathetic presence and what wonders arise when patients are blessed by it. Born and raised in South London, her nurse’s tales are full of life, honesty and humor. A must read for not only nurses but for all those committed to being human on the first stage.




Edited extract from “How to Treat People”



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