Attention vets: Invest – but only in the best

Why you should not go for second best medical equipment


The right equipment for vets or aspiring vets (top eight tools for vets)

Once the location is secured and all necessary permits acquired, the clinic needs to be outfitted with a variety of tools, supplies, medical equipment, laboratory instruments and drugs.

You may also want to offer over the counter items such as supplements, special animal nutrition or dog-coaching etc.

But for now, one after another, let’s stick to the perfectly equipped clinic.


Exam and procedure tables 

You should look out for investing in a durable veterinary exam table that is durable to withstand the daly rigors of a practice. Stainless steel designed to support efficient medical and dental procedures would be highly recommended. From solving lifting (electronic or manual, recommended electronic), hygienic work and comfort rather opt for excellent second hand or brand-new exam table rather than going for cheap versions that run out of guarantee and durability.




A vet surgery lamp should optimal give around 20.000 lux to lighten up around an animals mouth, whilst the surrounding has a recommendation of about 5000 lux. A single operation lamp will not do the work since it causes exhaustion of the operator eye and therefor can lead to inaccurate operation results.


Veterinary stethoscope

Vet stethoscopes such as our ERKA VETHOSKOP XL are for sure a wise investment when it comes to high quality, durability and long lasting positive customer experience. Provided with an extra long tube for large animals (95 cm), our stethoscopes are made of a high polished and super hygienic chrome surface. A perfect stethoscope should be easily cleaned with liquid disinfectant without losing it’s high end condition. Choose from a variety of finishes and colors on our website


Veterinary clinic and practice-owners are advised to make reasonable expenses when it comes to pet health


Digital x-ray imagining machines

Deciding which x-ray equipment is appropriate for every vets individual needs is definitely a long term investment. According to the standards your clinic is confronted with you may go from fixed to portable equipment. Certainly a reasonable investigation when be settled in rural areas or as a country-side vet dealing with farm-animals or equine for instance.


Veterinary ultrasound

You will not necessarily have to invest in a special vet ultrasound. Human ultrasounds are commonly equipped with a greater selection of probes that meet your needs and a lot of hospitals and clinics upgrade their systems regularly so that it is easy to purchase their used systems that are usually excellent, not as pricey as the brand-new and sometimes even come with an extended warranty. Generally buying/purchasing an ultrasound should be considered as a reasonable business investment not as a painful expense.


Anesthesia machines

In order for little or large patients to remain asleep while been taken care of, you will need to invest in a reliable veterinary anesthesia system. Since animals unlike humans don’t have the presence of mind to lie still with their mouth open while dental cleaning for example, anesthesia plays a major role in everyday practice routine. Depending on the clinic or practice you run there a numerous veterinary anesthesia systems offered on the internet you can choose from. A lot of companies offer leasing swell a financing opportunities too.


Loyal pet owners are the key to success


IV pumps

To accurately administer fluids, supplements and drugs during surgery it will be most likely to make use of IV pumps. There are no doubt cheaper IV flow-control devises on the market, yet IV pumps are multi-use, non-disposable, omni-available and far more cost efficient on the long run than above mentioned alternatives. 


Autoclaves and sterilizers

Your choice should contain only the highest standard when it comes to sterilization at your clinic or practice. They should enable you to clean hand pieces and instruments safely whilst meeting common decontamination guidelines. Look out for warranties that are strongly recommended under experts.

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