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Make a conscious decision against the standard and choose the only meaningful and ultimate alternative! Be unique and emphasize your medical expertise with an exceptional stethoscope, because …


We love, what we do

We have been manufacturing stethoscopes since 130 years – with determination, by hand and exclusively Made in Germany. Our factory in the Bavarian Alps is the heart of our productivity where we create unique items that will reliably accompany you for a lifetime.

We honor your uniqueness

Unique technical innovations such as our Dual Membrane have originated from your passion of producing stethoscopes. We feel almost obligated to set the highest standards in design as well as offering you the chance to choose from a selection of hundreds of stethoscope variations.

We listen

We are eager to learn from you! By listening and understanding your needs we strive to create the best tools for your profession. No matter for which kind of medical application you may need your stethoscope, we always have and will have a solution. If not so, we’ll simply create it!

We understand

You are adamant when it comes to reliability of your stethoscope diagnosis. Our faith in your professional determination has been the core of our work for 130 years – and trust us very single day! We feel and are highly committed to you and your patients.