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Having grown as a company over the past 138 years and being passionate about what we believe in, occasionally led us to the desire to create a trustworthy and inspirational space for our clients, customers and experts.

With our ERKA.ID blog we want to provide access to all aspects of our customers and experts world – the joyful and sucsessful as well as the vulnerable.
Offer trusted advice and meaningful insights for those willing to be inspired or to inspire.
Opening up about the challenging decisions and daily work-life stories throughout a medical career, is what we’d like to chronicle.
From optimizing work-life-balance, entrepreneurial ideas, finding an alternate career, working from another or in another country, generating a side income or simply living the kind of lifestyle that a lot of us dream about but don’t dare to follow – that’s what matters to our blog and what matters to our company. You matter.

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