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You are the apple of our eyes!


No… …we are not singing the praises on a new love interest. Thus for all those, who are not yet in the know, we’d like to give you a hang about our all-time customer favorite and top-seller: our ERKA Dual Membrane.  „I’m am literally in love with my stethoscope, since getting hold of one of […]

Attention vets: Invest – but only in the best

Why you should not go for second best medical equipment   The right equipment for vets or aspiring vets (top eight tools for vets) Once the location is secured and all necessary permits acquired, the clinic needs to be outfitted with a variety of tools, supplies, medical equipment, laboratory instruments and drugs. You may also […]

Nurse burnout: “I am terribly exhausted”


A small almost inconspicuous note, next to the trash can in the patient restrooms hits the nail on the spot with its content: Nurse. Exhausted. Help me! Surprisingly common, yet seriously underestimated. Topic of the week and a medical definition many are not necessarily familiar with: the nurse burnout. What exactly is a nurse burnout? […]