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Nursing programs: enroll online and increase your possibilities

Welcome future, we say yes to a prospect of new promotion opportunities and career options in health care. Of course, ask yourself: how is that supposed to work? I work as a nurse in bars, have a family I support and more or less little time to train myself. Pain point localized, this is where […]

Wanted: medical staff up for lifetime adventure

Eager to set out and explore the medical world from a different angle? Maybe even a different country? Are you one of those willing to make a change for your own good or simply craving a foreign language, unfamiliar culture or challenging medical circumstances to improve your own skills? Then working abroad maybe for you. […]

You are the apple of our eyes!


No… …we are not singing the praises on a new love interest. Thus for all those, who are not yet in the know, we’d like to give you a hang about our all-time customer favorite and top-seller: our ERKA Dual Membrane.  „I’m am literally in love with my stethoscope, since getting hold of one of […]

Top 10 countries with the highest salaries for doctors

  Bringing home the bacon? The top ten countries where doctors get paid the highest salaries Are you happy with your salary as a doctor? Or an acquiring medical student? Maybe even someone in the midst of his/her medical preliminary examination? As thousands others you probably will have wondered: where will I possibly be able […]