In you there shall be answers!

job after school

You’ve completed your A-Levels, Baccalaureat, Matura or other final school exams and degrees and are now all set to conquer the world of studies, universities and your future career path. job after school. But what if you can’t decide what to do after school? Your parents insist on studying law: „It runs in the family and opens you a whole new world“ – maybe so, but you are reluctant to family traditions and eager to break through your genetic attachments. Part of your friends might be on their spiritual journey with trips to Australia, India or Canada – all excited about their gap year. Not your thing? „No, not now“, you could be saying to yourself. Presumably for a couple of personal reasons. Maybe it’s about money, maybe about time, maybe you are simply obliged to answer the question millions of future students are dealing with aswell: „If I don’t know what to study now, how likely will it be that I know 12 months on from now?“

Choosing between getting a job , gap year or training, study or further other education can be a quite crippling and nerv racking period. We searched our loyal influencer boards and you might find Beyza Saritas, a first semester medical student from Oberhausen in Germany and her conviction inspiring. Luckily she’s been kind enough to answer a few of our questions and share her thoughts on how to choose the right study and explore your options while remembering that we all are more than our grades or a curriculum. You’ll be surprised how simple her answer is!

Trust your gut – search, find, follow!

When school ends, we often need to make a decision: What am I going to do the next years of my life? Which job fits best to my skills? And which path is the best one to reach my goals? Little time, a lot of questions to be answered. Often it is not easy to find these answers. The problem is, that many people pretend to know what is best for us. What we should do the next years of our life. Which job fits best to our skills.Which path is the best one to reach our goals.

Stop listening to these people. Trust your own gut, go your own way, dream your own dreams!

  1. People are going to talk about you’re decisions. It doesn’t matter, what you do or how you do something. They will talk anyway.
  2. If you don’t live the life of your dreams, than you’ll never be satisfied in your life. There will always be the question: “What if…?”
  3. You don’t need to be the best one in what you do. Love what you do. Try. That’s what matters!
  4. If you do listen to the people and don’t make your own mind about the things you hear, you’ll never be an autonomous individual. Even though you could make mistakes, you should just listen to your heart. In the end it will be your mistakes and not those of others.
  5. Consequences – whatever you do or in which way, in the end your actions will have consequences you have to live with. So why don’t you do whatever you want to and live with the consequences you are responsible of anyway?

To sum it up: Trust your gut, it knows, what is best for you!

Thank you, dear Beyza for expressing your opinion