Jack Bevan’s “medicinal spritz” – the cocktail 2019 with med-touch

Sure, healthcare and alcohol are not necessarily related. As it is so often in life: there are exceptions.
So, the new summer drink 2019 of them much celebrated drink maker, author and writer Jack Bevan – ladies and gentlemen may we introduce: THE  “medicinal spritz”.



Enriched with a generous shot of 40ml Cynar you could with two crushed eyes the “Jack Bevan’s medicinal spritz” almost as tasty-genius bittersweet

Cynar – the Italian, slightly bitter liqueur (Amaro) with its tart-sweet taste and 16.5% Vol. Alcohol consists of around 13 herbs and plants. It is due to its content of artichoke ingredients as digestive and therefore is often served as a digestif – but also tastes just as an aperitif!

Ergo, the internationally acclaimed drink maker Jack Adair Bevan has created a cocktail that does not just outnumber “traditional sprizz”. In honor of all in health care and to usher in the summer and barbecue season a high on life, the highly valued leisure time and the common celebration of social gathering. Here are the ingredients:

40ml Cynar herbal liqueur
20ml punt e mes (or a punchy sweet vermouth)
60ml prosecco
1 splash soda water
2 orange wedges

We at Erka would not mind seeing your “medicinal spritz” creations. Maybe you would like to post it on our Instagram page. To you and the realization that with all the diligence and all the work, the fun and the joy in life must not come short






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