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Top 10 med schools around the globe

  Want to study with the top of the crop? Please go on reading….   We are all set. You’ve made up your mind: you want to become a doctor. Apart from apparently having excellent graduation grades and covering the ideal of spending your professional days helping people and making differences in their lives – […]

All about Molly – the nurse whose book propelled care taking into the public eye

  When it comes to literature and reading one could easily admit: „Thanks, but no – when would I ever find time to read? I hardly have time to take care of my busy work schedule frequently finding time for my social life and by chance going to the gym. By all meanings, reading if […]

Top 10 countries with the highest salaries for doctors

  Bringing home the bacon? The top ten countries where doctors get paid the highest salaries Are you happy with your salary as a doctor? Or an acquiring medical student? Maybe even someone in the midst of his/her medical preliminary examination? As thousands others you probably will have wondered: where will I possibly be able […]