Wanted: medical staff up for lifetime adventure

Eager to set out and explore the medical world from a different angle? Maybe even a different country?

Are you one of those willing to make a change for your own good or simply craving a foreign language, unfamiliar culture or challenging medical circumstances to improve your own skills?

Then working abroad maybe for you.

Medical professionals around the globe have found the opportunity of immersing in a foreign culture (with or without family) as invaluable experience both professionally and private.


But how does one actually find a job abroad and what rules are there to be followed?

The easiest way of finding reliable job sources for medical staff abroad as well as not having to deal with  all the paperwork and questions that come along with this decision are signing up at an agency.


There are different kind of agencies that specify on recruiting and recommending health/medical-staff in or for foreign countries: locum tenens agencies and placement agencies, divided into retained firms and continent firms.

To cut the difference short: retained firms get an upfront fee or retainer from clients before the search, and a placement fee when the search has been successfully concluded. Contingent firms don’t receive any upfront fee, and are paid only when they make a placement. Retained firms employ consultants who represent a limited number of assignments. They usually visit the assignments personally to obtain a relatively in-depth level of knowledge about the job, as well as the community. Contingent recruiters, on the other hand, usually don’t personally visit the employment site. They also usually represent many different opportunities.


A good retained firm offers the advantage of in-depth knowledge about the employer, as well as a high degree of support services. A possible drawback of retained firms is that they may only present you to a limited number of employers. A good contingent firm, on the other hand, may not offer the same level of knowledge or support, but will present you to a wider range of employers. Remember, there is no imperative to work with one kind over the other. You might find it a good idea to try out both kinds before making your final decision.



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